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Morag Of Dunvegan

Mrag Dnbheagain - A Dunvegan Love Lilt

Words by Katherine Douglas

Ho bhan 's na ho bhan o,
Ho bhan 's na hi ho ro,
Ho bhan 's na ho bhan o,
'S mlse leam mo Mhrag.

1. Cailin g dha'n tug mi luaidh
Air mo bhuadhan fhuair i buaidh,
'S gus an cirear mi 's an uaigh
Molaidh mi mo Mhrag.

2. Nuair bheir mi sgrob gu Port an Din
Chi mi h-iomhaigh anns gach flr,
'S bidh na h-ein a' brodal rium
'S iad sor-mholadh Mraig.

3. 'S nuair a shideas mi pob-mhor
Mar bu ns is mar bu chir
Bidh gach cel a thid troimh m' mhoir
A' sor-mholadh Mraig.

4. Togaidh mise do mo ghrdh
Bothan beag ri taobh na trgh,
'S an Dn-bheagain nan seid 's nam flath'n
Psaidh mi mo Mhrag

English words by Neil Matheson

Ho bhan 's na ho bhan o,
Ho bhan 's na hi ho ro,
Ho bhan 's na ho bhan o,
Sweet is my Morag.

1. Naught, naught can restrain my lays,
And joyfully all my days
I'll offer sweet songs of praise
To my darling Morag.

2. There, where my fond Morag dwells,
Wild nature in charm excels
Bird music and flowery dells,
Mind me of my Morag.

3. When, fired by the humming drones,
Comes magic of chanter tones,
Love throbs in my very bones
For my darling Morag.

4. Down shoreward I know a spot,
Where some day we'll build our cot;
O happy will be my lot,
When wedded to Morag.

Translation of Gaelic
by J. Mark Sugars

1. The young maiden to whom I gave a song of praise
Won a victory over my virtues,
And until I am laid in my grave
I shall praise my Morag.

2. When I take a trip to Fortress Harbor
I shall see her likeness in every flower,
And the birds will be paying court to me
And they will be continually praising Morag.

3. And when I play the bagpipes
As is my wont and as I ought,
All the music that will go through my fingers
Will be continually praising Morag.

4. I shall build for my love
A little cottage along the beach,
And in Dunvegan of the heroes and chieftains
I shall marry my Morag.



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