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"Pak sarzamin shad bad"
(Blessed Be The Sacred Land)


Pak sar zamin shad bad
Kishware haseen shad bad
Tu nishane azme alishan
Arze Pakistan!
Markaze yaqin shad bad.

Pak sar zamin ka nizam
Qu wate akhu wate awam
Qaum, mulk, Sultanat
Painda ta binda bad,
Shad bad man zele murad.

Parchame sita rao hilal
Rahbare tarraqio kamal
Tarjumane mazi shane hal
Jane istaqbal!
Sayyai, Khudae zul jalal.


Blessed be the sacred Land
Happy be the bounteous realm
Symbol of high resolve
Land of Pakistan
Blessed be thou citadel of faith

The order of this sacred land
Is the might of the brotherhood of the People
May the nation, the country, and the state
Shine in glory everlasting
Blessed be the goal of our ambition

This Flag of the Crescent and Star
Leads the way to progress and perfection
Interpreter of our past, glory of our present
Inspiration of our future
Symbol of Almighty's protectio


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